CSS Grid Layout Workshop

Workshop Details

What? An in depth review of the CSS Grid Layout specification.
When? 13th of May, 9:00 till done.
Where? Veemkade 328, 1019 HD, Amsterdam (Frontlab office).
Costs? Just your time and thinking.
Language? We respect everyones language of choice. However, the language of this event is English.

Sounds good right? If you want to come, tell Jonathan on Twitter, send Michiel an e-mail, or file an issue.

A word of warning from fantasai:

This is not a lecture. This is not a classroom. We are working together to make the spec better. And you will learn a lot.



We will be reviewing CSS Grid Layout, so it's probably best to start of reading its specification. Understanding the CSS Specifications is well worth a read if you are new to spec reviewing. If you want to play around with Grid Layout, be sure to check out support for it in browsers.

If you can't get enough of all the reading—and like accessibility; you can dig into the TPAC's APA and CSS WG face to face meeting minutes where they discuss Grid Layout. There has also been some discusssion on the—now defunct—Protocols and Formats Working Group mailing list: Search results for “grid layout” on the public-pfwg list.

More stuff to read


So what are we really doing? To quote the original webpage for this workshop:

Reading through the entire spec from top to bottom, taking notes, sketching illustrations, creating examples, identifying errors and other nonsense, reviewing and discussing feedback, and trying to make the spec understandable to mere mortals.


About 10 people will attend.

Name Twitter Company
Michiel Bijl @MichielBijl The Paciello Group
Jonathan Kingston @KingstonTime Mozilla
Job van Achterberg @detonite 3ode
Sander van Lambalgen
Tim Luigjes @timluig CreaBeaBV
Hidde de Vries @hdv hiddedevries.nl
Tomek Wytrębowicz @tomalecpl Starcounter AB
Paul Verbeek @_paulverbeek Booking.com

Code of Conduct

This event won't tolerate any form of discrimination and we take conduct very seriously. We will be following the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.